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We pierce babies ages 2 months-12 months, children 6 years & up, as well as teens and adults. 

If you have a toddler, we always encourage our clients to wait a few years because a toddler is too strong to properly restrain and too young to fully understand the pier...

Yes, it really works! Keep in mind that pain tolerance can vary, therefore some clients will report not feeling the piercing at all, while others will tell us they felt a little pinch. 

No, because the medical-grade plastic butterfly completely covers the sharp point of the post. Also, the butterfly has a sealed back so that the post cannot protrude through the butterfly. The only part that comes into contact with the skin is the sealed and smooth bac...

Numbing cream is an option, however, almost all babies will cry for a minute or so after the piercing is completed. It is often compared to the reaction of getting a vaccination. Babies must weigh at least 11 lbs to use the numbing cream. 

For babies, the ideal age to pierce is between 2 and 8 months but we will do the piercings up to the age of 12 months in the office (and up to 15 months for a house call).  After that, we recommend piercing at around the age of 5 when the child is able to sit still dur...

We perform ear piercing for babies, children and adults. We pierce babies aged 2-12 months and then start again at the age of 6. We do not pierce toddlers and very young children because we feel that a child must be able to sit still during the piercing process and als...

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