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Your price is higher than some of the chain stores. Can you explain the reason for this?

This is not a chain. Rachel Smith, RN provides her clients with a highly personalized service. You know exactly who is doing your or your child's piercing. Experience of the practitioner is crucial for balanced placement and angle.

  • The Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing equipment used is ONLY sold to medical professionals. You will not find the same medical-grade equipment at the mall or jewelers.

  • The sterile needle method is also used depending on the needs and/or age of the client.

  • Piercing studs are made of the highest quality hypoallergenic, medical-grade materials and/or 14k/18k gold.

  • Registered Nurse performed piercings ensure strict adherence to infection control protocols.

  • A Registered Nurse understands wound care, the process of healing, and is able to accurately assess skin that has scarring from previous piercings and/or infections.

  • Direct availability at all times for your additional questions and/or concerns.

  • I guarantee your appointment will feel like the very special occasion it is!

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