Hypoallergenic, Nickel-free, Medical-grade &

14k/18k Gold 

14k/18k Gold: For needle piercings (we do NOT pierce infants with a needle) we use 14k/18k gold with gold and silicone backings as well as implant-grade (ASTM F-136) titanium with labret (flat back) style earrings. We also have an entire selection of petite gold and diamond studs (some examples pictured above) that can be used as a piercing stud or just purchased on their own. 
Medical-grade:  For piercing with a medical-grade instrument
(ages 2 months & up) studs are made from either medical-grade titanium or medical-grade plastic. Safety backings are made of smooth medical-grade plastic. We exclusively use medical-grade materials for children and infants. 


Swarovski Crystals, Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia

For needle piercings:  This selection includes gold or titanium studs with Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia or diamonds.
Labret style studs have fixed flat backs and interchangeable heads and are used for cartilage piercings (age 18+).
Infants & children: There are several different styles of medical-grade piercing studs with Swarovski crystals to choose from. (See photos below for some examples.) Keep in mind these are temporary and are meant to be worn for only 6-8 weeks. 
Medical-grade piercing studs (some examples below) are included in the standard piercing price of $170 for 2 piercings.
Piercings with gold earrings start at $95 per piercing, including the earring. 
Labret style stud
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