Hypoallergenic, Nickel-free, Medical-grade &

14k/18k Gold 

Frequently Asked Questions
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14k/18k Gold: For needle piercings (we do NOT pierce infants with a needle) we use 14k/18k gold as well as implant-grade (ASTM F-136) titanium with labret (flat back) style earrings. We also have an entire selection of petite gold and diamond studs (some examples pictured above) that can be used as a piercing stud or just purchased on their own. We never pierce or sell gold plated jewelry. 
Medical-grade:  For piercing with a medical-grade instrument
(ages 2 months & up) studs are made from either medical-grade titanium or medical-grade plastic. Safety backings are made of smooth medical-grade plastic. We exclusively use medical-grade materials for children and infants. 


Swarovski Crystals, Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia

For needle piercings: This selection includes 14k/18k gold or titanium studs with Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia or diamonds.
Labret style studs have fixed flat backs and interchangeable heads and are used for cartilage piercings (age 18+).
Infants & children: There are several different styles of medical-grade piercing studs with Swarovski crystals to choose from. (See photos below for some examples.) Keep in mind these are temporary and are meant to be worn for only 6-8 weeks. 
Labret style stud