In Office appointments are limited due to Covid 19

Please call for detailed information and to schedule the next office date. 

Medical piercing gun method:

For babies ages 2-15 months and then starting again at age 5.

We do not pierce toddlers.

$220: 2 piercings using the Blomdahl ear piercing system + medical-grade studs. Several styles available. 

Single piercings with Blomdahl $150.

View sampling of earrings.


Sterile needle method (ages 5 & up):

$220+ : 2 piercings with cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals. Certain styles may be priced higher. 

When piercing with diamonds, the jewelry is purchased separately and the per piercing cost is $35. 

Single piercings$150.

Cartilage piercings with a 14k flat backed earring are $150. 

House Calls

Please call for detailed information. 

$360: (2) piercings, including earrings. Earrings are 14k gold, medical-grade titanium, or medical-grade plastic. Please inquire if interested in multiple piercings. 

This price excludes diamond earrings.  

To ensure maximum safety precautions. all clients are required to wear masks and to limit the number of people present during the appointment.