In Office appointments

Earrings are included in prices. Medical piercing gun or sterile needle method. For diamond jewelry, the piercing cost is separate: $50 for a single piercing or $70 for two piercings + the cost of the jewelry.

Medical piercing gun method:

$150: Piercing with a medical piercing gun, including medical-grade studs. Several styles available. (Please note that infants are ONLY pierced with a medical piercing gun.)

View sampling of earrings.

$170: Above plus numbing cream option. 

Sterile needle method:

(Ages 12 & up usually opt for this method because of a larger range of earrings to choose from.)

$190 & up: 14k or 18k gold studs and medical-grade titanium. Price varies according to earring style and material (Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconia). 

$95 & up: Single piercing including a 14k earring (excluding diamond earrings).

Available Tuesday - Thursday

Have your piercings done by a Registered Nurse in the privacy of your own home. The entire collection of piercing studs are brought to you. Numbing cream is also included. The entire appointment takes approximately 50 minutes with numbing cream. 

*This price excludes diamond earrings. 

For Each Additional Person

Each additional person will pay the same fee they would pay in the office. For example: $340 covers the first person and the 2nd person could pay $150 (or whatever the in-office fee would be).