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Frequently Asked Questions

Piercing Studs

Medical-grade materials 



Swarovski crystals


Cubic zirconia

We pierce exclusively with our own earrings.
Gold: For those who opt for a needle piercing we carry 14k & 18K gold studs with diamonds, crystals and cubic zirconia that are appropriate for either lobe or cartilage piercings. Medical-grade titanium is also an option for all ages.
Medical-Grade: For ages 2 months & up choose from several styles of studs that are made from pure medical-grade materials the FDA has approved for use INSIDE the body, making them the safest choice for those with allergy concerns. Our medical-grade plastic earrings have 0% latex, nickel or BPA, are super light weight, and great for babies. Medical-grade titanium is the same material used in surgical implants, eliminating concerns about allergic reactions. We pierce babies exclusively with a medical-grade piercing gun that is only available to medical practitioners.


Jewelry and placement

We pierce exclusively with our own earrings.
We will ask you to fill out an informed consent and waiver form before we begin. During the consult, we will help advise on your jewelry choice and placement. 
We pierce ages 2-15 months and then 5 years old & up. 
Although we do needle piercings, infants are ONLY pierced with a medical piercing gun that includes medical-grade titanium or medical-grade plastic studs. 

Numbing Cream

Pain-Free Piercing

We offer a topical numbing cream for virtually pain-free piercing. The numbing cream is applied approximately 30 minutes before the piercing takes place.


Aesthetic balance

Proper placement is key to not only a beautiful piercing, but one that stands the test of time. We strive for aesthetic perfection in balance. This is where we excel at providing a highly personalized service based on your specific needs and desire.  


Sterile and disposable

Babies & Children: The piercing is performed using a medical ear piercing system used exclusively by medical practitioners. Earrings are manufactured in Sweden and prepackaged in sterile cassettes. You can be assured that anything that comes into direct contact with your skin is one-time use and disposed of after every client, therefore there is no chance of cross-contamination. We pierce babies using only a medical-grade piercing gun. Older children can be pierced with a needle if they are able to sit still for the entire procedure. 
Pre-teens, teens & adults: In addition to the above, piercings can also be done using pre-packaged, sterilized and disposable needles with jewelry made of 14/18k gold or medical-grade titanium. 


How to get the best results

A registered nurse will review all your aftercare instructions as well as provide written instructions. 
Piercing studs are worn for 6-8 weeks for ear lobe piercings (minimum 3 months for cartilage), cleaned with saline spray, soap and water, and are not rotated. As a result of this "no touch" approach, we see extremely low infection rates.