After the 6-week period, what kind of earrings should I wear?

For the first year after your piercing we recommend 14k/18k/22k gold, platinum or medical-grade earrings. We carry a full line of earrings in the Soho office that have been specifically chosen for the new earring wearer. All of our earrings have backings that are both comfortable and secure (gold butterflies or screwbacks encased in silicone bubbles, etc). For those who are getting a 2nd or 3rd single piercing, we also sell tiny hoops, diamond and/or cz studs in singles.

During the first year avoid sterling silver, 10k gold, white gold, stainless steel, brass and all costume jewelry as they may contain nickel as the "filler" metal. The risk of developing a nickel allergy is at its greatest during the first year after a piercing, therefore it is important to limit exposure to nickel at this time.

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