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What ages do you pierce?

-Babies ages 2 months-18 months

-Children 6 years & up



Why don't you pierce between the ages of 19 months-6 years old? Toddlers and very young children around the ages of 4 & 5 will almost always try to resist the piercing making it extremely challenging to mark the ears and do a safe, accurate piercing. Additionally, caring for piercings on very young children can prove to be very challenging. Over the years I have consistently heard parents tell me how much their little one wants her ears pierced, only for the child to refuse the piercing during the appointment. After a decade of piercing children, I have found that across the board most children are fully ready for piercing at age 8, with a small minority of children ready at an earlier age.

As a rule of thumb, I advise parents to pierce when the children are babies or wait until much later so that they can have a seamless, easy and joyful experience.

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