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How do I clean my new piercings?

Use gentle liquid soap and warm water 1-2x daily while in the shower during the initial 6-8 week healing period. We recommend Dr Bronner's castile soaps diluted to less than 50%. Additionally, you can spray your ears with sterile saline mist 2-3x a day.

Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other products on a new piercing because they are too harsh and can irritate the new piercing. Do not over clean your new piercings. This may cause undue irritation and delay healing.

After the initial 6-8 week healing period, continue to clean piercings once to twice a day with gentle soap and water. Once you begin wearing regular earrings (not piercing studs), we recommend taking them out every couple of weeks and cleaning the jewelry with hot, soapy water. BE SURE TO WEAR EARRINGS 24/7 FOR THE FIRST YEAR TO PREVENT YOUR NEW PIERCINGS FROM CLOSING.

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